High-quality sabers are a great souvenir or gift for people professionally associated with uniformed services. Products of this type can also be found in the collections of collectors and military enthusiasts from various historical periods.

Made in accordance with historical records, solid sabers gift cavalry or soldiers may intrigue many customers of our online store. These are the highest quality products, made of materials resistant to tarnish, corrosion and mechanical damage that may arise as a result of many external factors. Each saber from our assortment can be provided with a personal dedication, which makes it a wonderful, personalized gift for a birthday person or birthday boy. The recommended Polish saber is available in a smooth version, without a scabbard. This is a 1: 1 replica, which is sure to interest collectors and military enthusiasts.

Sabers – Melee replicas 1: 1

The attractive offer of our online store includes sabers with additional elements. It can be a smooth blade and a scabbard, made of the best quality components, as well as products with the inscription „God-Honor – Fatherland” or engraved on the blade with the text „ Supreme Commander” . Each of our Polish saber has beautiful decorations. A narrow or wide blade makes it possible to display this bladed weapon on a stand or in a glass case. The saber recommended by us may have a handle decorated with artificial stones. We offer products with the so-called toe and scabbard, as well as faithful replicas of weapons used by hussars, cavalry and the best military formations.

The original Polish saber is an unusual gift, dedicated to people collecting white weapons. This product is carefully protected against damage and external factors.