A mirror can serve two basic functions in an apartment. The first one is to provide an opportunity to see your reflection, which is very useful in getting ready to go out and doing many home activities. However, when choosing a mirror for the hallway or bedroom, we often focus not only on the image it shows but also on its appearance. Why? Because a mirror can also be a great decorative element that will emphasize the decor of any room.

Decorative mirrors are usually decorated with special frames, which emphasize the character of the whole product. Often they can also impress with their shape, thanks to which the mirror will become a decoration not only practical, but also sophisticated, influencing the better organization of the arrangement. Among decorative mirrors we can find oblong, round or oval mirrors. Unsymmetrical forms make the interiors more expressive and become more original.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a house where there would be no mirror. The fact that everyone wants to look through it does not always mean vanity. A mirror allows us to adjust our appearance to the appropriate trends, it allows us to know whether our hair is properly styled, how our face looks and whether we look good.

Mirrors, both decorative and standard, also allow you to optically enlarge the interior, which is very beneficial, especially when you want to make a small room seem more spacious. Mirrors reflect light, so that the room where we set them will be brighter and, consequently, more cosy.